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Motion Design

No other media harnesses the power of visual storytelling like a motion graphic video. Motion design is the art of animating graphic elements, photos or text and overlaying it over sound, voice and/or music. The result — the ideal content marketing tool.

In a world of short attention spans, motion graphics visually depict complex ideas, data or product info quickly and with a high retention rate by the viewer. They build relationships, trust, credibility and sales.

If you are considering including motion graphics into your marketing strategy, I’d love the opportunity to create a memorable story that will generate excitement for your brand!

Types of Motion Graphic Videos

Design possibilities for motion graphics are endless — here are some common categories...

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Explainer Videos

1 to 2 minute animated video which visually explains complex ideas. Light, entertaining and fun to watch keeping viewer engaged.

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Product Launch or Demo

Video highlights key features and benefits of a product or visually conveys complex technical info. Perfect for how-to or app demos.

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Company Web Videos

1 to 2 minute video used to tell your company story, introduce staff, present breakthroughs, promote special events.

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Logo Intro/Outro Videos

Short clip designed to brand company videos by animating logo and contact info. Used before and/or after main video.

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Pre-Roll Web Commercials

Short 15 - 30 second commercial inserted before other video content. Most common form of paid video advertising.

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Animated Gifs

Short clips with endless topic possibilities. Embed directly into web pages or easily shared using social media.

Motion Graphic Videos

Several fully rendered motion design videos with music and sound effects...

GoTravel Explainer - Full length video — from concept, asset development, animation, sound effects to audio mixing.
KMS Design Services - Fun motion graphic that morphs each design service icon into the next and accentuated with sound effects.
Rockin' Polish - Choreographed three-dimensional dance of nail polish bottle models I created in Cinema 4D.
Just Listed - Sample real estate video using some kinetic type techniques and photos to highlight property for sale and agent.
Solar Nation - Sample company video showcasing history timeline, innovations, services and team while maintaining company branding.

Animated Gifs

A small collection of short motion design clips and animation experiments...

monster face animated gif
Fun experiment with bouncing circles coming together.
glacier shadows gif
Experiment with a long shadow effect moving through time.
winery animation logo
Logo animation with a parallax effect for added dimension.
character animated gif
Short clip studying facial motions of character.
xcel logo animation intro
Fast moving, fun logo animation.
isometric graph animation
Experiment with using characters to create graph animation.
Static Image
Short clip working with watercolor bleed effect and photo reveal.
Static Image
Case study of twist on pop-up book.
Static Image
Visual presentation of a the steps to install a skylight.
Static Image
Animated bar graph to spruce up raw data.

10 Reasons to Consider Using Video Marketing

There’s no arguing that video marketing works and is growing in popularity...


59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text on the same subject when given the choice. — Forbes


Nearly 75% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. — Brainshark


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image shares combined. — Brightcover


1 minute of video equals 1.8 million words. (Average person speaks 150 words per minute.) — Forrester researcher, Dr. James McQuirey


80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days, 46% take some action after viewing the ad.. — Online Publishers Association


Animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%. — Unbounce


Average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that features a video.— Mist Media


96% of B2B organizations use videos of which 73% report positive results to their ROI. — ReelSEO


Introduction email that includes a video receives an increase click through rate by 96%. — Implix


78% of people watch videos online each week, 55% people watch videos everyday.— Groupon

Let's Work Together

If you're interested in bringing your story to life in a compelling video, please get in touch!


Planning is the keystone to an effective motion graphic video. I can help develop a strategy that best meets your marketing goals. Please call, email or submit the form and we can discuss your project. All projects vary, but below are some of the main steps in the motion design process.

  • STEP 1 - THE CREATIVE BRIEF. A collaborative meeting to outline your goals and objectives, identify your target audience, choose video style and other important details to produce a successful video.
  • STEP 2 - THE SCRIPT. Varying on the length and scope of the project, a formal script is written. If there is no voiceover, a detailed outlined is created.
  • STEP 3 - STORYBOARD/STYLE TREATMENT. Several static scenes are designed according to the guidelines outlined in the Creative Brief.
  • STEP 4 - VOICEOVER RECORDED (if needed). Voiceover is recorded by a professional or by the client and mixed for best audio quality.
  • STEP 5 - ANIMATION. Once all the steps above have been approved the animation begins. This can take several weeks depending on the length of the video.
  • STEP 6 - MUSIC AND SOUND FX. Accompanying music track and matching sound effects are added.
  • STEP 7 - RENDERING AND FINAL SIGN OFF. The approved final video is rendered according to the appropriate format and delivered.

Let's work together to design a compelling video to engage your audience in a fresh and innovative way. Motion graphics will strengthen your brand and engage your audience like no other medium — but mostly, it will become a valuable part of your overall marketing!